A glimpse of the ceremony: Bonhoeffer on marriage

During Ryan’s journey through the works of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, he came upon this beautiful quotation that we asked a long time family friend to read during the wedding ceremony. We would love to share it with you as well!

An Excerpt from Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s ‘Wedding Sermon from the Prison Cell’ on May 15, 1943

“It is not good to speak here all too quickly and submissively of God’s will and guidance. It is first of all, simply and unmistakably, your thoroughly human will that is at work and celebrates its triumph here.

The path upon which you embark is first of all very much the path you have chosen yourselves, a responsibility that no on can take from you.

It would be an escape into false piety if today you did not have the courage to say: it is our will, it is our love, it is our path…Yet! As you know yourselves, no one is able to create and choose such a life by oneself; rather to some it is given and to others it is denied. And that is just what we mean by God’s guidance.

Therefore, as jubilant as you are today to have arrived at the destination of your own will and own way, so will you in equal measure be grateful for God’s will and God’s way that has led you here; and as confidently as you today assume the responsibility for what you are doing, just as confidently you may, and will, lay it in God’s hands…Indeed

In unfathomable generosity God speaks his yes to your yes.

But in so doing, God does something entirely new – from your own love – God creates something much larger…

For it is not your love that upholds marriage; from now on, it is your marriage that upholds your love.”


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