Home 17: Here we come!

The Hayes family Lake trip: Just before Ben, Becca and Braylon moved to Malawi

Within two months of marriage, we have stayed in fourteen different locations. Fourteen places that we have referred to as “home,” as old and new friends and family have ensured that we had somewhere to stay. Countless conversations, being a part of the daily routine of some (piano recitals, and church gatherings), and the significant events of others (graduations and weddings.) What a privilege it hasbeen to be a part of both!

We’ve said farewell as Ben, Becca and Braylon moved to Malawi, celebrated Jeremiah’s graduation from high school (where does the time go?), and were part of Justine’s Dad’s wedding!

This last Sunday we celebrated the marriage of two dear friends, and said our farewells to our California family. (Church family included!)

It’s too easy to want to repeat the sweet times. It’s all been a gift, and after fourteen places we are ready for the fifteenth. Well, actually, the seventeenth.

Fifteen will be the Qatar airport. Sixteen will be at a stop along the way for a few days of rest.

Seventeen, we will be our first home! Our suitcases will be unloaded and given a much needed rest, their previous contents hung on hangers, and folded in drawers.

Many thanks to all of you who have hosted us, prayed for us, and been gracious as we have not had the opportunity to connect with you all while we have been in the States.

You are more than welcome to send us e-mail, snail mail, or snail books (Ryan’s insert), if you feel the need.

But please not books about snails.

One thought on “Home 17: Here we come!

  1. Glad that we got to see ya’ll and meet you Justine! Through the years in my friendship with Ryan, a constant prayer has been a godly woman for one of my best friends, and he has provided all and more for my friend! Peace to you both, I hope you’re rest is full, and you both arrive back home with spirits full! May God shelter you both will we meet again, Inshallah in Africa! 🙂

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