Top 5 Places to Eat in Nairobi!

We thought it might amuse some and help others to know which restaurants we frequented the most and would suggest as the top restaurants in Nairobi. One of the benefits of living in Nairobi is the plethora of ethnic foods. No doubt we are biased, but all the same, here are the top 5 favorites:

5. Ro-Ro Chinese Restaurant


Location: Village Market, 2nd Floor

Price: Around 700/= per dish

Notes: Start with the jasmine tea, get at least 1 dish per person (or 2-3 dishes to split amongst several people).

Favorite Dishes: Spicy Beef & Vegetables, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Cashew Nut Chicken, Egg Rolls

4. Le Rustique (French/Italian Cuisine)


Location: Westlands

Price: Around 600 per dish

Favorite Dishes: Any kind of crepe – best for breakfast or brunch


3. Siam Thai Restaurant


Location: Utali House near Sarit Center

Price: Around 700-800 per dish

Favorite Dishes: Chicken with cashews, spicy beef dish

Desert: Fried Date Pancake! (most likely the best desert we have ever had! ever.)


2. Anghiti Restaurant: Masters of Indian Cuisine


Location: Muthaiga Mini Mart OR Westlands, off of Wayaki Way
Price: Around 600-800 per dish
Favorite dishes: Palak Paneer, Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka, with plenty of NAAN


1. Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant


Location: Brookside Grove, off of Waiyaki, behind Safaricom House in Westlands
Price: Around 300-600 KSH per dish / 1700 per platter

Notes: Hands down the best Ethiopian place in Nairobi / the world. The owner is a wonderful individual and is sure to provide the highest quality service and best possible shiro!

Favorite Dishes: Vegetable platter, with additional orders of Shiro Tegamino, Doro Wot, Shekla Beef


Published by Ryan Hayes

Ryan Hayes is a development practitioner, teacher and co-author of his first book of poems, Paralipomenon. Being born in Nairobi, Kenya and living most of his life in Africa, he has a wealth of experience and understanding into the cultural and linguistic factors of South-East Africa. Ryan is happily married to Justine with whom they have begotten three beautiful girls – Amelie, Lily and Rylee. He is a lifelong learner and devoted student of Jesus, mysticism, quantum physics and the human psyche.

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