The Fourth of July: 2020

Our first family fourth
on American land
(Excepting the ones 
with a newborn in hand.)

Up beyond bedtime,
we took a quick walk-
but didn’t get more
than halfway round the block.

When we saw the first sparkler 
set off in the street.
We stopped for a while
and then took a seat.

It was was better than most,
this impromptu show.
(We don’t have much
to compare to, I know.) 

A mix of enthrallment
and wonder it seems,
woven together 
with squeals and screams…

The noise! I’d forgotten the deafening sound 
a small shot of light 
can make off of the ground. 

I held a girl tight, covered tiny ears,
her frame against mine
to ward away fears.
Each year I’m reminded
of fourths of time passed.
Just where and with whom
did we celebrate last?

This year is the same as I tuck it away
breathe deep through the smoke 
to remember this day.


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