2020: A Reflection

It’s been funny,


in a non-humorous way.

Funny like interesting,


ironic at best.

This intertwine

of family time

for some

pain and loss

for many.


for all.

Surprising blessings rise up from ash,

while others are left smoldering.

Funny it seems,

because it doesn’t make sense

(whatever it is.)

We prepare only

for the unexpected,

asking ourselves the same question

again and again,

What next?”

Funny, near December 31

we wait hopefully

for an arbitrary mark

of a new beginning.

It’s been Friday for too long.

We are weary,

if not for ourselves,

then for our brothers, our sisters,

For once, we see the body clearly –

feel our communal pulse.

So we groan in anticipation

for New Years,

fresh starts,

a page turned,

new birth,

stuck in labor pains

unsure of what is on the other side,

clinging tightly to our family,

relaxing into an embrace,

which some find only inside,

looking to where we all must look

someday –

to that hidden, precious gem

of Presence that longs to awaken

in us all.

And if not through the ring of fire,

then how?

Death and birth,

sickness and health,

not to make sense

but to make friends at last

with the waiting.

An expectant Yes –

to the Mystery that begs to be revealed,

ready for all to discover,

if we could only let go

of our anxious longing,

in an unprecedented release

of hope.


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