Embrace: A word for the year

Americans. We are hard to generalize in one statement, because we are diverse. However, generally overseas, we are known to be loud, and vocal with our opinions. We are very expressive with our emotions, and we really like to give hugs. Before moving overseas, I didn’t realize how uncomfortable this can make other cultures feel, particularContinue reading “Embrace: A word for the year”

Missionary Feet

My daughter, like many others, loves to put on my shoes. Strangely my sturdy Tevas are not as picturesque as a pair of heels. The first time she tried them on, my pulse quickened with concern. My shoes are with me everywhere. The street. The dirt. Drop toilets. Everywhere. And in wanting to be likeContinue reading “Missionary Feet”

4 Things To Consider Before Taking Off Your Lens Cap

I remember opening up the box. It was a gift received in celebration of the completion of my college education – a right of passage, in a way – my very own Canon DSLR. I remember words spoken around me as I opened it up –  I was to photograph what I saw in myContinue reading “4 Things To Consider Before Taking Off Your Lens Cap”

Pictures from the Microfinance Home Visit (to our house)

  The group in our livingroom.. Homemade chips and salsa!  Esther’s daughter, Peace  Francis (loan officer)  Receiving a wonderful gift from the group!   Receiving another gift…   A very wonderful farewell cake! as traditionally served to each other…   a very sweet cake it was!  A lot of dishes to wash… Front row (left to right): Francis,Continue reading “Pictures from the Microfinance Home Visit (to our house)”