Walking, Slums, Paradoxes & Easter Newness

A wonderful element of living and working here in Nairobi consists in a weekly trek from Pangani (where we work) to the area of Kiamaiko (where another Missions of Center is as well as our Church Fellowship) every Wednesday for a weekly bible study with our church leaders that Justine and I help lead. TheContinue reading “Walking, Slums, Paradoxes & Easter Newness”

Some Pictures From Our Time in Malawi with Ben, Becca, B and B

 Our time together began at Lake Malawi  Justine and B laughing Sweet B B playing 2 kinds of football at the same time    Then a thunder storm came…  (storm photos taken by Benny)  nice family…  B’s birthday party  B getting presents!  A new tricycle!  Chameleon. Nice looking folk. Benny and B with nice scenery  Benny preaching first Ryan preaching second ActingContinue reading “Some Pictures From Our Time in Malawi with Ben, Becca, B and B”

Marriage, Mold and Home Decor

When you are engaged, conversation is all about the wedding. Colors and decor, decisions and dresses- are all part of the joyous anticipation before the big day! For Ryan and I, the conversations sped up and lasted a total of two months. (A wonderful decision, I might add!) And in the weeks following, to myContinue reading “Marriage, Mold and Home Decor”