Concerning ‘Neighbor-ology’

If you’re like me – you can often find it really easy to dream about ways of implementing large strategies for social justice or pondering serious ways of ‘saving the world’ and such – but when it gets down to it – you can have a hard time completing the daily tasks that are rightContinue reading “Concerning ‘Neighbor-ology’”

A glimpse of the ceremony: Bonhoeffer on marriage

During Ryan’s journey through the works of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, he came upon this beautiful quotation that we asked a long time family friend to read during the wedding ceremony. We would love to share it with you as well! An Excerpt from Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s ‘Wedding Sermon from the Prison Cell’ on May 15, 1943 “ItContinue reading “A glimpse of the ceremony: Bonhoeffer on marriage”