Blue Cotton Shorts

Kenyan pupils can be incredible listeners. (I learned a few years ago, that in Kenya a “pupil” is called so when they are between nursery class to grade 8, and a “student” is one who is in Secondary School – Form one to form four.) Many a foreign visitor has remarked on how well behavedContinue reading “Blue Cotton Shorts”

The Role of Faith in Development Work

As of late, I’ve been deeply affected by the video shown below. Tim Costello’s (CEO of World Vision Australia) articulation of poverty and the role of faith in development work has had the particular quality of opening my eyes to the reality of what I’ve been seeing all along. His placing of poverty in theContinue reading “The Role of Faith in Development Work”

What is an Economy (and Microfinance) For?

More and more I’m convinced that the primary purpose of microfinance is to assist in stabilizing and promoting the common well-being of a household. It can do this in a variety of ways, but most often through its provision of various financial tools to provide an environment of stability (and in some cases) growth. Furthermore,Continue reading “What is an Economy (and Microfinance) For?”

Some Pictures from the Recent Microfinance Business Training by Joe & Jerry (Westside Church)

Some pics from the recent successful microfinance business training by Joe and Jerry from Westside Church:  Some of our loan officers     Jerry and Esther  Joe and Linda (loan officer) Joe and Stephen (loan officer)  First group training – wonderful folk! Justine and a sweet girl  Francis leading some warm-up songs  Linda, Francis and Samuel Esther, Jerry,Continue reading “Some Pictures from the Recent Microfinance Business Training by Joe & Jerry (Westside Church)”