Pentecost, Poverty and New Possibilities

So my Dad passed along some excellent thoughts recently that have dovetailed nicely with some things that we have seen while working here in Nairobi. Dad mentioned that we know in some way that Peter (in Acts 2) was quite convinced that what had just happened (Pentecost) was in some way a fulfillment of JoelContinue reading “Pentecost, Poverty and New Possibilities”

Grocery Store on a Good Friday

She walked past the butchery section as I turned the corner. Smelling of tobacco, he followed as they picked upĀ groceries. I pushed my cart in between them to get to the milk. Picking up what I needed, I continued to the fruit aisle, very conscious of their interaction – trying not to stare. She, aContinue reading “Grocery Store on a Good Friday”

Walking, Slums, Paradoxes & Easter Newness

A wonderful element of living and working here in Nairobi consists in a weekly trek from Pangani (where we work) to the area of Kiamaiko (where another Missions of Center is as well as our Church Fellowship) every Wednesday for a weekly bible study with our church leaders that Justine and I help lead. TheContinue reading “Walking, Slums, Paradoxes & Easter Newness”

Special Needs Olympics and the joy of certficates

When Ryan and I got married, we had to sort through all of our things. This can be a challenge no matter where you are living. Who knew we collectively had so much STUFF – much of it with no value other than sentiment. So, when you are planning to move overseas, much of thatContinue reading “Special Needs Olympics and the joy of certficates”