Work: Alleviating poverty and the danger of false identity

Idleness is debilitating. Father, husband, shows up at a construction site, waiting for the day’s assignment. No work for the day, he wanders back into the streets, unable to provide for his family that day. What options does that leave? Targeting items of the wealthier, gang involvement, alcoholism and more. Of course, this is notContinue reading “Work: Alleviating poverty and the danger of false identity”

Pictures from the Microfinance Home Visit (to our house)

  The group in our livingroom.. Homemade chips and salsa!  Esther’s daughter, Peace  Francis (loan officer)  Receiving a wonderful gift from the group!   Receiving another gift…   A very wonderful farewell cake! as traditionally served to each other…   a very sweet cake it was!  A lot of dishes to wash… Front row (left to right): Francis,Continue reading “Pictures from the Microfinance Home Visit (to our house)”

The Reality of Fair Trade Coffee & A Book Review

We can perhaps all agree that over the last century or so at least, there has been an increased interest amongst many on how our personal economic actions affect the economy, society, and the environment. Along with the growth of automatic giving via child sponsorship and online lending platforms, individuals have been able to enjoyContinue reading “The Reality of Fair Trade Coffee & A Book Review”

The Role of Faith in Development Work

As of late, I’ve been deeply affected by the video shown below. Tim Costello’s (CEO of World Vision Australia) articulation of poverty and the role of faith in development work has had the particular quality of opening my eyes to the reality of what I’ve been seeing all along. His placing of poverty in theContinue reading “The Role of Faith in Development Work”