Pictures from the Microfinance Business Training with Parkview Christian Church

 Thats right…Your ‘Highy’ welcomed  Me and the rest leading some warm up songs  Francis (loan officer) and Kristina training  Trainers: Eric, Dan, Kristina  Stephen (loan officer) doing the ‘expectations’  Francis (loan officer), Dan, Kristina Joe and Stephen (loan officer) Russ leading some session Food. Todd leading an accounting session Russ leading a small group  Staff training  Eric with Stephen, OpiyoContinue reading “Pictures from the Microfinance Business Training with Parkview Christian Church”

Microfinance III: Savings & the Irony of Being Poor

The great irony of being poor is that you are ‘too poor to save, but too poor not to save’.[1] Access to funds for the use of life-cycle events, emergencies and investment opportunities are the main reasons individuals need access to large lump sums. But if one is not able to access or open anContinue reading “Microfinance III: Savings & the Irony of Being Poor”

Microfinance II: How do we define Poverty – and Who says?

Another clarification that is of utmost importance concerning any work of development or microfinance concerns the starting point, the direction and end goal of the transformative work. This isn’t near as easy as it might seem. The problem with identifying poverty in general is that its collective definitions are as wide ranging in scope andContinue reading “Microfinance II: How do we define Poverty – and Who says?”

Microfinance I: An Illusive Definition

For whatever reason – if even for my own clarification – it seems logical to give a series of posts as to a proper understanding of the work and purpose of microfinance. Not that I propose to know more about this subject than anyone else, but simply for the sake of offering a debatably solidContinue reading “Microfinance I: An Illusive Definition”