Efficient humans and an Inefficient God

Efficiency is most certainly a key spirit to this technological civilization of ours. From coffee machines to satellites to operation systems – a product or technology that doesn’t improve ‘efficiency’ is hardly worth its name they say. There are good things about efficiency to be sure – and I for one, have a hard time when thingsContinue reading “Efficient humans and an Inefficient God”

Reflections on the Sabbath day on a Sabbath day

I have thought lately upon the difficulty of putting into practice the Sabbath in our non-stop-over-working world. For we understand from scripture that the Sabbath is ultimately a proclamation of freedom – freedom from the need to justify oneself, the drive for success and the exploitation of all and any possibilities of enhancement of one’sContinue reading “Reflections on the Sabbath day on a Sabbath day”

Ryan, Brian and the Kenyan Police

So my good friend Brian found himself in a pickle as a policeman stopped him (in the middle of a round-a-bout road to “arrest” him for talking on the phone while driving – which is an offense in Kenya). Since I was the individual with whom he was talking, I felt a bit responsible andContinue reading “Ryan, Brian and the Kenyan Police”