First blog post in a while…and recent events in Lusaka

Well, it has been nearly 2 years since my (Ryan) last post. I’m quite prolific, I know. The point of this particular blog is to revive my participation on this blog that Justine has carried on in my absence, as well as to catch you up on the interesting events of the last month –Continue reading “First blog post in a while…and recent events in Lusaka”

Language lessons in humility

If you’ve ever wanted a practice in humility, try learning another language. Language blunders provide ample opportunity for both sublime entertainment and profuse apologies. For example, Ryan and I have been quick to learn that the word meaning “to plan or prepare” sounds very similar to the word used to describe relieving oneself. Thankfully RyanContinue reading “Language lessons in humility”

4 Things To Consider Before Taking Off Your Lens Cap

I remember opening up the box. It was a gift received in celebration of the completion of my college education – a right of passage, in a way – my very own Canon DSLR. I remember words spoken around me as I opened it up –  I was to photograph what I saw in myContinue reading “4 Things To Consider Before Taking Off Your Lens Cap”

Plumerias and Cooking Fat

First-time visitors are reliable to come up with observation statements, often comparing things that seem similar to the way they are at “home.” The clothing, the coca-cola, car companies and brand names. Isn’t it interesting that while we may love taking in the “newness” of things around us, our sight is drawn to what weContinue reading “Plumerias and Cooking Fat”