Top 15 books read in 2018

Top 15 Books of 2018 While the blog may have been relatively silent, our days have not been. And in the middle of it all, somehow reading has been a way to feel somewhat sane in the midst of adding a new baby to the family, homeschooling, furlough, and life overseas. The things I’ve readContinue reading “Top 15 books read in 2018”

Ryan’s Best Reads of 2016

You are what you Love: The spiritual power of habit – James K.A. Smith Hands down the best book I read all year. And I’ve read/listened to it 4 times now. In my opinion, Smith is re-thinking what it means to follow Jesus within a more truthful anthropology/cultural understanding and more helpfully than anyone elseContinue reading “Ryan’s Best Reads of 2016”