Top 5 Places to Eat in Nairobi!

We thought it might amuse some and help others to know which restaurants we frequented the most and would suggest as the top restaurants in Nairobi. One of the benefits of living in Nairobi is the plethora of ethnic foods. No doubt we are biased, but all the same, here are the top 5 favorites:Continue reading “Top 5 Places to Eat in Nairobi!”

The Role of Faith in Development Work

As of late, I’ve been deeply affected by the video shown below. Tim Costello’s (CEO of World Vision Australia) articulation of poverty and the role of faith in development work has had the particular quality of opening my eyes to the reality of what I’ve been seeing all along. His placing of poverty in theContinue reading “The Role of Faith in Development Work”

Photos from the last few weeks

Justine met Becca and David (before they were married!) at CBU – a special thing about them, is that they got married the day after Becca graduated from college! Which meant that they celebrated their three-year anniversary with us in Kenya. We are so grateful for their friendship, and the sweet time we spent together. BeccaContinue reading “Photos from the last few weeks”

Pictures from the Microfinance Business Training with Parkview Christian Church

 Thats right…Your ‘Highy’ welcomed  Me and the rest leading some warm up songs  Francis (loan officer) and Kristina training  Trainers: Eric, Dan, Kristina  Stephen (loan officer) doing the ‘expectations’  Francis (loan officer), Dan, Kristina Joe and Stephen (loan officer) Russ leading some session Food. Todd leading an accounting session Russ leading a small group  Staff training  Eric with Stephen, OpiyoContinue reading “Pictures from the Microfinance Business Training with Parkview Christian Church”