Some Pictures From Our Time in Malawi with Ben, Becca, B and B

DSCN3539 Our time together began at Lake Malawi



IMG_7750 IMG_7754 Justine and B laughingIMG_7759 Sweet BIMG_7776 B playing 2 kinds of football at the same timeIMG_7779  IMG_7782 IMG_7798

DSCN3544 Then a thunder storm came…


DSCN3552 (storm photos taken by Benny)

DSCN3717 DSCN3720 nice family…DSCN3722 DSCN3600 B’s birthday party

DSCN3603 DSCN3606 DSCN3608 DSCN3611 DSCN3635 B getting presents!DSCN3685 DSCN3663 A new tricycle!

DSCN3587 Chameleon.DSCN3574 Nice looking folk.DSCN3571 Benny and B with nice sceneryDSCN3560 DSCN3564 DSCN3559

DSCN3735 Benny preaching firstDSCN3736 Ryan preaching secondDSCN3741 Acting like we know what is being said…

In all it was a delightful time with our family and all of the good folk in Malawi.

Published by Ryan Hayes

Ryan Hayes is a development practitioner, teacher and co-author of his first book of poems, Paralipomenon. Being born in Nairobi, Kenya and living most of his life in Africa, he has a wealth of experience and understanding into the cultural and linguistic factors of South-East Africa. Ryan is happily married to Justine with whom they have begotten three beautiful girls – Amelie, Lily and Rylee. He is a lifelong learner and devoted student of Jesus, mysticism, quantum physics and the human psyche.

2 thoughts on “Some Pictures From Our Time in Malawi with Ben, Becca, B and B

  1. Beautiful pictures of beautiful people! So thankful you all had time together. Much love to all!

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