First VSL training & another CHE vision seminar

After many months of preparation, last week marked the first training of trainers for the Village Savings and Loans program! This entailed a full three days of training for 29 selected trainers (both men and women) from Rumphi, Mzimba, Machinga, Zomba and Mulanje. The primary task of the training was to get the trainees prepared for starting a VSL group, but the training also covered formative topics such as how to lead the group on financial issues in a Christ-centered way, how to lead a scripture study on the chosen topic within a group and how to guide others on household financial issues.


IMG_7392 Tinkhani showing the group how a ‘group meeting’ is run..

IMG_7443 Graduation ceremony..



The initial training will now be followed up with a number of follow-up group visits and trainings in order to develop the trainers and groups as they better understand how the savings groups can provide a source of financial smoothing for their households and businesses. In all, we feel very good about the beginning to the program and are looking forward to seeing how God will use this program to bring a deeper vision of “life to the full” amongst our churches and communities.


On another note, we were also able to provide a CHE vision seminar for a local community based organization. The primary aim of the seminar was to provide an overview of what CHE is about and how it could benefit the good work this group is already doing (which is women literacy, child education/tutoring and health education in the community). The reception was overall very positive (from both Christian and Muslim partipators alike). And now a number of follow-up meetings have already ensued with the respective local and group village chiefs in order to better see how the community can move forward with the approach. We’re grateful thus far and look forward to seeing what may come.

IMG_7359-small Demonstration of a skit called “River Crossing”, which focuses on the difference between “doing something for someone” and “teaching them by coming alongside and showing”.. these guys did a brilliant job with it.

IMG_7342.JPG Zione (CHE officer) give a talk called “Good life and good health”



Published by Ryan Hayes

Ryan Hayes is a development practitioner, teacher and co-author of his first book of poems, Paralipomenon. Being born in Nairobi, Kenya and living most of his life in Africa, he has a wealth of experience and understanding into the cultural and linguistic factors of South-East Africa. Ryan is happily married to Justine with whom they have begotten three beautiful girls – Amelie, Lily and Rylee. He is a lifelong learner and devoted student of Jesus, mysticism, quantum physics and the human psyche.

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